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Need a premium website at low cost? No problem, we got you covered.


Shellfield Technologies is offering 50+ ready-made premium websites at over 60% discount. These websites range ₦300,000 ($858) – ₦1,500,000 ($4,286) each, but we are giving them away for ₦120,000 ($344) per site.


* 21 Business Websites

* 12 One Page Navigation Websites

* 11 Portfolio Websites

* 7 Creative Websites (for web designers, graphic designers, etc.)

* 4 Business Websites with Online Shopping features

* 4 Blog Websites (for news & articles related services)

* 4 Personal Websites (for freelancers in any kind of business)

* 3 Photography Websites (for photographers & studios)

* 2 Celebration Websites (for parties, vacations, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.)

* Design & Branding Agency Website

* Fashion Website with Online Shopping features (can be used to sell clothes, shoes, makeup, beauty accessories, etc.)

* Gym Website (for fitness related services)

* Online Services Website (for businesses or people offering any kind of online services)

* Restaurant/Cafe Website (for food related services)

* Forum Website (for online forum services)

* Travel Blog Website

* eBook Website (for authors and writers)

* Landscaping Website

* Agriculture Website (for agricultural related services)

* Construction Website (for construction companies, contractors, engineers, etc.)

* Medical Website (for health/medical related services)

* Zoo Website

* Law Website (for lawyers & law firms)

* Wedding Website

* Awareness Website (for sensitization related services like sickness or disease prevention, abstinence from premarital sex, drug abuse, etc.)

* Video Blog Website

* Dentist Website

NOTE: You can contact us for special order if your website type is not listed above. We design all types of websites.


1. Make a commitment payment of ₦10,000 ($29) and we will host one of our ready-made demo website (that best fit your needs) for you within 2 business days. The demo is basically for you to see how your website will look like.

2. Make a commencement payment of ₦70,000 ($200) and we will change the demo contents to yours and tweak the website to fit your needs.

3. After the site is completed and you are satisfied, you will then make the balance payment of ₦40,000 ($115) and we will deliver the website to you, with full documentation on website management.

For more details, please call 09034572347 or email

P.S: Please broadcast this message to your family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, etc., and ask them to do the same. God bless you!

Best regards,
Bernard Igwe
CEO, Shellfield Technologies

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